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Atualização Tocomsat Phoenix S2 V1.03 - 03/03/2020


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Removing Ads from Kindle Fire through Amazon Account


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The Kindle Fire or Fire tablet is a series of tablets designed and produced by Amazon. The first-ever edition of Kindle Fire was released in the year 2011 as Quanta Computers.


Fire Tablet
Kindle Fire provides various accesses to its users, such as streaming TV shows and popular movies, series, etc. Users can also access Amazon Appstore, Kindle Store, for reading e-books provided by Amazon.

Buying “Kindle Fire” as one of the cheapest tablets is a good idea as it provides various offers to its users just after purchasing this gadget. This device saves a lot of money for you, but sometimes it seems clumsy as it holds various ads and suggestions regarding books, songs, and movies, etc.

If you are also annoyed by these ads and shows and movie suggestions, then this blog is for you. You can disable or remove those annoying ads from your Fire.

Removing Ads from Kindle Fire through Amazon Account

While watching TV shows and movies on Fire, you will see various suggested ads on your screen in a constant order. After some time, you might get frustrated and wish to remove them from your screen. If you access Kindle settings to remove the same, then there is no option for deleting them.

You have to navigate to the Amazon account to remove these annoying ads. Pursue these offered instructions to remove these ads.

First and foremost, Sign In to the Amazon Account.
Now, navigate to the section “Manage Your Devices.”
Search and then hit your registered Fire Tablet option.
Go to the section “Special Offers” and then tap on “Edit.”
Hit the option related to Unsubscribe Now.
Note: If you are unsubscribing from Amazon ads, then the company will charge you dollar 15 with tax. This un-subscription charge will be deducted from your account related to Amazon.

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